>Dear Mr Nigel Rees,

The glazing industry is certainly going through some turbulent times at the moment.

The VEKA/Halo story certainly gave many something to talk about. But over the past week or so there has been two far more important issues that have shown their heads. Both of which stand to make a massive impact on the double glazing industry.

The first are the proposed new rules by the government to force water companies to adopt all private sewers which will make them all public. This is going to remove the cost of repairs from the householder, but is going to make the task of building conservatories or orangeries ever more difficult for thousands of potential customers. The understanding is that if there is a conservatory to be built within 3m of a private drain which is due to become public, permission must be granted from the local water authority. This is going to mean two things. First, there could be a potential backlog of conservatories waiting to be built, which isn’t ideal for both customers and companies. Secondly, there are going to be cases where drains are going to have to be re-sited to allow for applications to be granted, so this is going to be an extra unwanted cost on top of the probable costs to the customer for the applications to their water boards.

As you know, the conservatory industry has suffered badly over the last few years, and the last things it needs is yet more legislation which will make the process of purchasing a conservatory more difficult. I, as well as the rest of the industry would like to know if you are opposed to this new legislation.

The second major issue for the double glazing industry in the past week has been the introduction of Tesco Windows. I think many companies may feel quite unsure about this enormous new addition to our sector. Everyone knows how the supermarket killed off lots of smaller local grocers and butchers upon their arrival, and I think the worry of the double glazing industry is that they are going to do to small windows business what they did to small grocery stores. I think the other major worry is that the market place is so saturated at the moment, someone as huge as Tesco and all it brings with them will make trading conditions ever harder. I think their points are valid, and this is something which you should be actively looking at also. If indeed smaller businesses are forced out, and they are also members of the GGF, this is obviously going to have an effect on yourselves. What companies will be wanting to know is are you looking into the pros and cons of their arrival and will you be on hand to help in any way necessary to help your smaller members protect themselves against the Juggernaut that is Tesco? 

There is a lot going on in the industry right now, and lots of people are asking lots of questions. I hope you will take the time out to read what is above and address the comments made. As one of the largest bodies in the glazing industry, I think it may put some people’s minds at ease to know that you are on top of these developments.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards
Double Glazing Blogger