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Open Letter: The ‘R-Word’ And Why We Should Still Be Optimistic

Open letter from Deceuninck UK MD Rob McGlennon: The UK is in recession. The Office of Budgetary Responsibility downgraded its forecasts for the economy sharply following the Autumn Statement in November. Prospects for growth in 2023 have evaporated, to be replaced with a predicted 2% drop in GDP. Rob McGlennon. Managing Director. Deceuninck. [...]

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>Open Letter to FENSA

> Dear FENSA As you are probably aware, the discussion on Twitter and my blog today has been about the illegality of windows with uni-blinds/integral blinds as according to a FENSA inspector yesterday, they don't meet the correct energy requirements. The subject came up yesterday as the company I work for had one of our [...]

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>Open Letter To The GGF

>Dear Mr Nigel Rees,The glazing industry is certainly going through some turbulent times at the moment.The VEKA/Halo story certainly gave many something to talk about. But over the past week or so there has been two far more important issues that have shown their heads. Both of which stand to make a massive impact on [...]

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