Well, I’ve hopped along to my 700th post with this one! When I first started I never even considered the amount of posts going into the many hundreds. But the site has done steadily well over the near three years that this has been running – so for that I thank you!

I thought this might be a good time to look back on what has done well on here, and I may as well forge a ‘seven’ theme out of the title, so below are the top 7 blog posts that have got me the most views and comments over the past two and three quarter years:

1. Veka/WHS Halo: Meger Or Veka Buyout? 
Story published on May 31st, 2011. Comments: 60. I was the first to publicly break the story of Veka buying the Bowater Building Products group. This by a country mile garnered the most comments, visitors and page views at 2712! May find it hard to top this one any time soon!

2. Tackling The Trickle Vent Issue.
Story published on November 25th 2009. Comments: 4. Surprised to see this as number two really. Maybe it’s picked up more consumers wanting to know about trickle vents rather than some of my regular readers wanting to know my opinions of these tacky bits of plastic. Still, it has managed to rack up an impressive 2385 page views.

3. Hot Weather = Hot Sales.
Story published on May 4th 2011. We had a pretty hot start to the beginning of the summer (then it all went down hill!), so this was all about me reflecting on the positive effect that the weather had on sales figures for window companies. This post was viewed 1715 times.

4. Anglian Up For Sale.
Story published on September 6th 2010. Comments: 6. This was my first experience of Anglian being up for sale. We know now that is has been put up another time since this post was published. Once the business is bought I’m sure I’ll do a post about that too! People wanted to see what I thought of this 739 times!

5. Is External Georgian Bar Expensive For What It Is?
Story published on May 5th 2010. Comments: 8. This post was just my general ramblings about the cost of external Georgian bar and if it really was worth paying as much as we all do for that product. Personally, I still think it’s too expensive! Still, my ramblings were seen 728 times!

6. Economic Tug Of War.
Story published on January 18th 2011. This post was written when certainty about the economy was at an all time low. Since this post was published, the future of our economy looks even less certain! The struggle between rising living costs, raw materials vs wages continues unabated. This post has been viewed 629 times.

7. Synseal Come Out On Top
Story published on January 10th 2011. Comments: 3. For this, I carried out a poll on who the public thought was the best profile manufacturer in the country. Synseal came top of the pile, not my choice however! But still a good manufacturer and well done! This post has gained 457 page views to date.

If any of you feel compelled to read these stories again, I’ve linked all the titles of the posts to their relevant pages, just for your convenience!

Again, thanks for all your support, visits, page views, comments and recommends on Twitter. Now I’m gonna have to get my thinking cap on for how to mark my 1000th post!