The Build Show

This news seems to have gone a bit unnoticed, but there has been a new exhibition unveiled, from the same guys who put together the FiT Show. The new exhibition is called The Build Show, and judging from the press release, it will be an event aimed specifically at the contractors sector of the building [...]

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Guest Post: Avoiding Cowboy Builders

I've not posted a proper guest post in a while. Then, out of the blue, I get a genuine request for a guest slot with a genuine post already written which some of you might actually be able to scribble a comment to! It's a bit of a guide which most will be fully aware [...]

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Housing Down In The Dumps

On Thursday the CLG (Communities and Local Government) published the latest set of housing figures. And they do not make for happy reading. In the second quarter of this year, new starts stood at just a measly 21,540! That is a full 10% down on the previous quarter! The construction industry really is putting it's [...]

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Builders Should Build, Window Fitters Should Fit

Anyone who's ever sold windows supply only or to builders will know how frustrating this part of our industry is. When a builder comes in and buys windows off you, you know how many potential issues and arguments there may be when it comes to them fitting them! Do any of these quotes sound familiar [...]

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