External condensation, the now yearly bug bare that window companies have to go through after selling energy A rated windows, now seems to have passed for this Winter.

So how are you all dealing with this minor issue? I say minor in a sort of ironic way because I’m pretty sure that we’ve all had a few quite irate customers on the phone during these past few winters exclaiming that they can’t see out of their windows on the southern elevations of their home.

To those who had early stage energy rated windows we simply explain that it is a temporary by-product of having such efficient windows, and is actually proof that they are working. But now we know about the issue, we try and spot the customers we think might find it a problem and explain that on the odd occasion during the winter during certain temperatures, they may experience external condensation on the south side. All we have spoken to about it prior to signing contracts and fitting windows have been OK with it.

So is the trick to turning this into a non-problem actually something as simple as explaining what will happen? I think so. There has been no viable option to solving the issue by way of different coatings or retro-fit products, and there doesn’t seem to be one on the horizon. The best bet would be to just be honest with customers, explain what might happen, and it’s usually not a big enough issue to cause a problem. And if it is, do you really want to be dealing with those types of customers?

And for a bit of FUN, here’s @SophiiMaria‘s take on the issue:

External condensation on A rated windows…it doesn’t matter people!!

Right, for a starter, you have a rated windows…nice one! But you’ve started to notice that there’s condensation on the outside of the pane when it gets a bit warm…and you complain…


It’s on the OUTSIDE! That’s where the wet is supposed to be! If you lot are gonna be belly-aching over a little bit of water on the outside of your house then you must be pissing lava over the rain we get! I mean come on people, it’s not as if it’s leaking on the cat!

Get a grip…jeez!

Love from Sophii!