External Condensation Nearly Kept This Installer From Finishing A Project

To us, external condensation on energy efficient windows is part and parcel with the industry. There are glasses from Pilkingtons and Saint-Gobain that combat this, but for many installers, there have been years and years worth of installations in which the windows they installed in homes around the UK will have a morning or two [...]

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External Condensation: Back For Another Season

Another year and another round of energy efficient windows fitted up and down the UK, keeping people's homes warmer in the winter...and opaque in the cold winter mornings! Yes the time of external condensation is back. The colder mornings herald in around 6 months of possible phone calls from disgruntled customers who think there is [...]

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External Condensation

It's getting to that time of year again folks. Nope, not the nights drawing in, though that is a big down side to this time of year. I'm referring to the bane that is external condensation of energy efficient windows. I'm pretty sure that every installations company has had a call in the past couple [...]

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>External Condensation Over The Pond

>I was reading an interesting article from about condensation. I was reading to see what reasons they gave and how to go about reducing it. Then this section came up about external condensation:Exterior condensation on windows occurs primarily in the morning when days are warm and humid, but nights are cool. Typically, it clears [...]

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