The debate has been rumbling on in Twitterland for the last few months. What is with the lack of real content in the industry magazines?!

When I joined the industry nearly 6 years ago, the magazines were full of stories, proper stories. They included company bankruptcies, mergers, special columns from highly regarded people within the industry. But now, the mass majority have been reduced to the double glazing industry’s answer to the Yellow Pages! Some barely break 20 pages per month and even then they’re peddling stories that are 3 months old!

If magazines are going to re-connect with disillusioned readers they are seriously going to have to improve the content of what they are publishing. I understand that money has to be made to keep these magazines going, but there has to be a more even balance of opinion and comment and advertorials. The raft of magazines that landed on my desk this week so far have been so advert orientated that I’ve put ALL of them down within 30 seconds! They then go on the pile to be recycled!

People take the time out of their busy days to read magazines because they want to read something that gets conversation stimulated and causes a bit of controversy, ruffling a few feathers! I’m not saying go angering all your advertisers, but stop running the same articles for months and months at a time. Harvest the social networks for the most active double glazing commentators and use them to help reinvent the many stagnant and frankly achingly boring magazines.