Still Denying The Marketing Power Of The Internet? You Need To See This.

The other day I was pointed to an excellent website by IT and web gurus Motionlab. This particular website had one of the best infographics I have seen and demonstrated the power of the internet, by the second. Here is said infopgraphic: [xyz-ihs snippet="infographic"] I was hoping to embed the fully working infographic, but alas, [...]

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This Is How You Do A Brochure!

My mum and dad have recently been in the market for a new kitchen for their home. It's one of those things that has needed to be done for a while, but a busy work life has generally got in the way. Anyway, they have found the time to get it sorted and they chose [...]

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The Beginning Of The End For Direct Mail?

Postage isn't cheap any more. And it's going up again at the end of April. A second class stamp is going up to 50p from 36p, and a first class stamp is going up to 60p from 46p. So what does this mean from a direct mail point of view? Lets do a bit of [...]

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More Opinion Required

The debate has been rumbling on in Twitterland for the last few months. What is with the lack of real content in the industry magazines?! When I joined the industry nearly 6 years ago, the magazines were full of stories, proper stories. They included company bankruptcies, mergers, special columns from highly regarded people within the [...]

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