Sometimes we have a gripe and a moan about our customers. One of the biggest stresses for a business is keeping your customers happy all of the time, even if things works against you. But sometimes we all have that one customer who brightens up your day and makes you glad to be a sales person!

I had that customer today. A lovely little old lady who I first sold to 5 years ago and originally bought from us a whopping 26 years ago! It was one of those occasions where no real selling had to be done. We went through spec and left it at that. The rest of our conversations focused on what she did at Christmas, the weather, her family, who I was ‘courting’ and if I was going to marry this one! They weren’t those fake interest conversations, she was genuinely interested in what was going on in my life right now, which was nice because I don’t have any living grandmothers.

It’s those genuinely nice people which makes this job a real pleasure sometimes. In an ideal world everyone would be of the same nature but this is unfortunately not the case. But it is nice to leave a customers home feeling happy about your job and pleased that you’ve made a real connection with someone.

I’m confident of getting the sale on this one, but in a rare instance, if I didn’t get it it wouldn’t bother me. Anyone else get the same?