As some of you will be aware, I regularly plug on Twitter my subscribership. I have stated that on reaching 50 subscribers I will pick a person/company at random and do a write up about the company they work for. This will happen at 100 subscribers, 150, 200 and so on.

This is partly to help boost my subscribers in a slightly selfish way, but also to help introduce readers to some of the people that follow my site that they probably know very little about. I’m hoping that the names and email addresses that get picked are the ones from those who may not be as well known in the industry so that I can provide a little boost either for them or the company they work for.

However, for this to work and for the chance of it being you, people need to subscribe. I really hope to help provide boosts for various people as the number of subscribers rises. So please pop your name in the little white box at the top! I’ll keep my posts worth reading!