Reply to Double Glazing Blogger

Dear Sirs,

We are writing in response to the Open Letter on your website of 6 March 2012.

The first thing to say is that though BFRC has launched numerous new and dynamic WER licence products over the last 12 months there have been no changes made to the BFRC Authorised Retailer scheme – so there has been no moving of goal posts.

The position is as before:

1 If a window installer is not registered with BFRC they are able to install rated BFRC products manufactured by registered window fabricators. BFRC ‘A’ to ‘C’ rated product will be compliant with building regulations.

The installer will be able to market the fact that they supply rated product as long as there is nothing in that marketing (which includes the company’s website) that could be misinterpreted as saying that the installation company is a holder of a BFRC licence.

That means that any ‘A’ rated BFRC label, for example, that appears on the installer’s website must be clearly assigned to the particular product that carries that licence. All labels displayed must be exactly in the format they were issued by BFRC.

2 The benefit for an installer registered on the BFRC scheme is that that company can be described as a BFRC licence holder and display its own BFRC label. This can be communicated to homeowners on all marketing materials, on the company website etc. Registration also means that an installer can independently source IGUs to achieve the required WER licence. That is a big bonus for just £140 per year for 10 licences.

If BFRC finds instances where these distinctions are not clearly made and homeowners may make an incorrect conclusion that an installer is registered with BFRC when they are not – then BFRC will contact that installation company and request changes to marketing materials and websites so that the actual position is made completely clear

With recent reports indicating that more and more homeowners are asking for ‘A’ to ‘C’ rated windows and are familiar and reassured by the BFRC WER scheme and its all-important label, then registration with BFRC is becoming the ever more attractive, and business savvy, thing to do.

Kind regards

Chris Mayne

BFRC General Manager

For further information, please contact:-

Simon Brookes, Borough PR, 0207 378 3430 /