It was revealed at the weekend that some very senior ministers within the Coalition Government has moved to block the Green Deal altogether, calling for it to be scrapped completely.

The report can be found here:

The ministers include Chancellor George Osbourne, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles, housing Minister Grant Shapps and employment Minister Chris Grayling. The rift looks set to launch the Tories head on with the Lib Dems who fully support the Green Deal.

With the Green Deal supposedly set to start in 6 months time, this is yet another blow to what is already becoming a very battered and bruised Government scheme. If these ministers weren’t so senior in the Government, perhaps this wouldn’t have carried much weight, but because the group includes people like the Chancellor and Minister for housing, it does.

I don’t know about you, but all the set backs and problems the deal has had so far is making this all a little bitter in my view. The GGF have campaigned very hard to make sure windows were included as an energy efficient measure. But now since their inclusion, all that has happened is rumour after rumour of it being put back, cancelled altogether, growing opposition and negative research done by both Government and independent studies. We need this scheme to work and work well for our industry now we have finally had some decent recognition from the Government we have to seize this opportunity – or rather worryingly the Government has to on our behalf.

Only a couple of weeks ago the first Green Deal providers were announced. There does continue to be progress, but it is opposition to the scheme like this which it and our industry really does not need!