This is just a quick post to let you know of some small additions I’ve made to my blog and why you should pay them some attention!

Need Help?

This page is designed for anyone within the industry or for anyone who has a double glazing related question. I am hoping that consumers will use this page over time to leave questions they may have about their double glazing needs, in order for the industry or myself to leave them an answer. I want to show the public that they can engage with the industry and that we are friendly and generous enough the help them without wanting to always be selling them something!

Choose PVCu

After the recent PVCu vs Aluminium debate that has progressed over the last few days on here and on Twitter, I have been inspired to write my own page detailing the reasons why PVCu is the material to choose when it comes to replacement windows and doors. Take a look, and if you think I have missed any points out, please feel free to leave a comment! This isn’t so much of an issue as it is a debate, but I just feel there needs to be more pro-PVCu material out there, combating against the negative and often false information.

Low VAT Rate For Windows

I tried this before earlier on in the year but it didn’t seem to get as much support as I expected. But after a few tweets last night asking for a place where we could add influence to this cause, I have added a dedicated page. For those who think windows should be granted a 5% VAT rate like all the other Green Deal inclusive home improvement measures, please add your name and further comments to this page. I am hoping to add the name of an MP who is hot on this issue, to demonstrate to the Government that there needs to be fairness when it comes to energy efficient windows and that our industry deserves the boost all the others are getting!

I hope that you find these new pages useful and that they contribute something useful to this site!