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Hard Sell: Whose Fault Is It?

Hard sell. It used to be the only way double glazing worked. Then (some) companies got wise and realised pressuring a customer in their own home is a pretty crappy way to sell to someone and understood that a more friendly approach would do their chances a whole lot better. Still, the practise of hard [...]

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Arrogant Staff Refuse To Quote

I really do hope that sales staff are reading this post right now, as this one is about all the arrogant ones out there that go into people's homes, expecting and instant sale then throwing the toys out of the pram when they don't get it. A couple came in to the showroom the other [...]

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Busy Fools We Are Not

Twitter provided some good commentary as usual this week. And it was started by FENSA when they posed the question: With the rising costs of transport, what do you think about installers charging a quotation fee? I have written about this issue before in a post earlier on DGB. I floated the idea of charging for [...]

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Are Dedicated Sales Staff Rare?

Me and Nick (@GlazingGuru) often speak on the phone. When we speak, it usually involves Nick having a rant about something! This time it was about dedicated sales staff, or rather a lack of! To be fair, the reasoning behind his rant is very justified. The main gripe was that no matter how much help [...]

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Calls For Ban On Cold Calling Gather Pace

Tell you what, I'm a millionaire now! The amount of damages I have won thanks to those text messages reminding me of all the falls and accidents at work I never had but had forgotten about! I don't have to work any more! Of course I am being sarcastic! I'm sure that most of you [...]

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Are Commission Only Sales People A Bad Thing?

Now I'm really pushing it with this one as I risk a massive telling off from @GlazingGuru. If any of you were watching Twitter earlier on this afternoon you will have seen a bit of a debate about sales people being on paid on a commission only basis and if it was a good thing [...]

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My First Ever Post!

I was looking through some of the old posts I did right at the very start when I first started this blog. And wow, I was rubbish at writing! (Que bad jokes about me not being any better now). But seriously, it wasn't that good. Basic language skills, short and not much elaboration on the [...]

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Don’t Get Done, Get Dom Littlewood To Condition Your Brain!

Last week I wrote about how it was the fault of the industry how we've allowed customer's to have far too much control over us, but I also mentioned that the media, more specifically TV has also had a part to play in this. Over the last few years, one of the worst offending programmes [...]

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Businesses. It’s Time To Stand Up To Customers

The mass majority of us in this industry do our very best to earn a good honest living out of what we do. We bend over backwards and more to make sure that every single thing on our jobs is correct and to make sure the customer is left happy. However. Despite our best efforts [...]

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Knowledge Is Key

In this job, knowledge is key. It's what really impresses a customer. If you can sit down on their sofa and answer a range of difficult and unusual questions (lets face it, we've all had those types of customers who want to know about every screw and glazing bead) then you stand a much better [...]

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Is It Right To Charge For Quotations?

A day or two ago now, I noticed this tweet from @StJohnsWindows: Just driven 14 miles to a sales call to be told I have ordered else where, should we not charge for sales calls? And then this one from the same account: Must have had worst day for sales calls ever, just got back [...]

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Minimum Order Values Damage Your Business

I hear this quite a lot on the phones here: "I don't if you can help me, it's only a small job". Quite often we get customers ringing up checking that we do small jobs, one door, one window, sealed units etc etc. We do. We get quite a lot of single item jobs and [...]

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Business To Business Bother-ers!

One thing that has always bugged me while working in this industry is the sales reps that come round to your business premises trying to get you to change to a different supplier! First of all, if an installer wanted to use a different supplier, surely they would go and contact one which they preferred? [...]

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>Nationals Still Misleading Customers

>I read a 3 day old thread on in which a customer explains that a national company told him that the other two local companies couldn't possibly have A rated windows as only they (Anglian) and Everest are the only ones who have that rating.After years of energy rated windows being very widely available, and at [...]

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>National Companies Create False Customer Hopes

>Recently we have seen campaigns by Everest and Anglian Home Improvements advertising their own scrappage schemes. From their point of view, the campaign to get the government to introduce a scrappage scheme design to benefit the double glazing industry provided the perfect advertising gimmick, and no doubt it may have swung a few customer's their [...]

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