Like most of you, I received the latest issue of Glass Times on my desk this afternoon. As I started to meander through the pages, past the people that shaved their head for charity and who had brought out a new screw, I came across a story on page 7 that I recognized the topic of; ‘BFRC Clarification.’

It began: “There has been confusion aired recently among window installers concerning the use of BFRC WER labels that pertain to window fabricators’ licenced products. This has led to claims that the BFRC has moved the goal posts in relation to the rules relating to WER label usage by unregistered installers”.

Sound familiar? Well that’s because I wrote about it TWO months ago!

The article then explains what the installer is allowed to do: “The installer will be able to market the fact that they supply rated product as long as there is nothing in that marketing (which includes the company’s website) that could be misinterpreted as saying that the installation company is a holder of a BFRC licence.”

They are clearing referring to the story which I wrote about in March, and wrote about subsequently in the posts after, about one of my good friends in the online world being contacted by the BFRC claiming that he was breaching their terms of label use by including the image of the WER certificate from his manufacturers on his website. The issue was here, that at no point was there any attempt to make this look like he was officially registered with the BFRC.

I don’t want go into to politics of the issue again, as I think it has been resolved as far as it can be. But what I think is noteworthy is how such an important issue like this has taken TWO months to make it into a magazine. Surely something like this which was widely talked about should have made it into the issues the month earlier…unless I’ve not been reading my magazines right and I’ve missed it.

The BFRC have still used this article as a chance to advertise. They still say that by being a registered installer they can openly say that they officially install energy rated windows and be able to provide a certificate with their name on it. But seriously, who is going to pay £140 just to have their name on the top of a certificate? From a customer point of view, I don’t think they are going to be that bothered whether it is the installer company name or the manufacturer company name on the top, so long as they get the energy rated windows they have asked for!