With the Hidden Fix Door Knocker from UAP, adding a door knocker to an entrance door is now a quick, simple and cost effective process with the use of the ‘Hidden Fix Lollipop’ – a patent applied for design with a super strong, waterproof adhesive covering.

All you need to do is attach the ‘lollipop’ to the entrance door with two small screws so the door knocker can simply be stuck on to the door. Once the knocker is attached to the lollipop, it is incredibly secure and cannot be pulled off the door.

Not only do you get a much cleaner, smoother look on the inside, it also eliminates the chance of water ingress and rot, so getting a call out for remedial work on liable water damage will be a thing of the past. What’s more, with the right know how, it can be removed quite easily and any remaining adhesive will peel away leaving no damage to the door at all.

Combining the style, quality and value for money that UAP products are famous for, the Hidden Fix Door Knocker is now available in the classic 6” Victorian Urn style with black, white, chrome or brass finishes. A choice of aluminium, PVD gold and mirror polished stainless steel finishes will also soon be available.

Managing Director David Jennings says: “A decorative door knocker can really enhance and improve the overall look of an entrance door. But the process often creates a lot of work and extra cost, just to get a few holes in the right position to fix the door knocker in. But with the Hidden Fix Door Knocker you can add a stylish feature to an entrance door with little effort and minimal cost.”

David continues: “We recommend that the Hidden Fix adhesive lollipop is fitted to the door during production and the knocker is kept separate until installation, this will ensure that the product does not get damaged in transit.”

This may seem a small issue, but attention to details is everything, and to some customers they won’t won’t like to see the fixings on the inside of the door. Hence, here is the solution. Contact UAP for more details. They’re pretty cheap too!