As anyone in the PVC window industry will tell you, the amount of false information and negative spin is quite large.

The window industry is a very competitive one. PVC vs timber vs aluminium. Three important parts which make up a very proactive and hard working industry. But there is one are which does receive more flak than it deserves, the PVC one. Every month there always seems to be something in a national newspaper or a ridiculous article from English Heritage citing amazingly false information against our part of the industry.

We all complain, and quite rightly. The PVC sector does not make such a concerted effort against other parts of the industry. Yes we do publicize why we think PVC is better, but also admit that there is a place for all other materials. But when PVC is falsely blamed for house fires, poor aesthetics and is called a ‘blight on the housing stock of the country’, this is one whole other extreme.

But is this something we are just going to have to put up with? I like to think of it in a different way. When silly old ancient organizations like English Heritage spout senile statements on a monthly basis, we should just look at it as a tired, bitter old group of people trying to resist the modern pace of change throughout the country. Petty.

We probably can’t do much to stop the tripe that is printed. But we can carry on as normal, making those that try to discredit our industry with false posts and information look childish.