With the launch of the locksmith channel at www.mytrade.tv in April, it is a proud day for the company to now launch the second and highly anticipated Glazing channel for MyTradeTV!

A lot of hard work has gone into creating a place that the whole of the double glazing community can come to show off their wares to both the industry and most importantly the consumer. Unlike standard advertising, both channels have a big focus on video content. Companies are encouraged to submit content so MyTradeTV can create professional short videos displaying their chosen content and information.

The whole point of these channels is to raise the standards of the glazing industry and to help shake off the cowboy image that the industry had garnered thanks to the small percentage of companies who continue to work in such a shoddy and unprofessional manner.

Both channels have received high praise from the industry and have both got some big names signed up to them. If you would also like to be part of the next big thing in our industry, contact Lee on 07414 551663/01226 345670 or click this link to go to their website.

Also, I’d like to include a message from the MyTrade team to all who may have seen the site already and to those who have yet to see it:

Hello and a very warm welcome to MyTrade.Tv’s ‘Glazing Channel’ – A double hello in fact, to all those who already know us through our sister ‘Locksmith Channel’, and also to those new to MyTrade.Tv and wondering who we are!

To those familiar with iPads, SmartPhones, YouTube and the wonders and capabilities of the modern web, prepare to be excited!!

MyTrade.Tv’s On-line ‘Glazing Channel’ is an innovative and exciting business to business TV Channel, dedicated to broadcasting all the things you would like to know about your industry. Every day we will be informing you of the latest news, products and tools, innovations, legislation, case studies, industry leader interviews and much much more!

Tune in when you like, wherever you like, utilising the very latest in cutting edge digital media broadcasting on your iPad, SmartPhone, PC or Mac. Watch only what you want, with our unique category selector within each channel.

Digital media is fast, exciting, up-to-date, and like it or not, now part of everyday life thanks to innovations in technology like SmartPhones and iPads coupled with faster and broader accessibility worldwide, making digital media one of the fastest growing industries worldwide!

The dedicated team here at MyTrade.TV wish you many hours of viewing pleasure and look forward to bringing you much much more than just advertising and news. If you would like to suggest topics for discussion, take part in the ‘Glazing Channel’, or just want to learn more about MyTrade.Tv and exciting opportunities for you and your business, then please do get in touch.

Happy Viewing Folks!

James Snow
Group Editor MyTrade.Tv