FENSA CEO, Graham Hinett, is set to retire after ten years in the big chair. Chris Mayne, Graham’s General Manager will be taking the reigns when he steps down and will report to GGF big cheese Nigel Rees.

He retires after seeing FENSA become one of the biggest organizations in the whole of the double glazing industry and has seen self-certification become the standard to which the industry measures itself.

It’s fair to say the FENSA has been relatively successful, but I am sure he will be one of the first to admit that during his time, there has been the odd hiccup on the way. And that despite FENSA’s best efforts, the problem of cowboy companies is still here. The most recent hiccup being the confusion of compliance when the minimum energy rating rose in 2012 from E to C. I think its fair to say that the requirements and explanations of how to comply with the new regulations could have been made much simpler and much more straightforward. But, you learn as you go along.

A lot of us complain about the things we don’t like about FENSA. But we often forget one of the biggest positives that they have created. Since 2002, FENSA gave the industry a label that the consumer actually recognizes. It gave companies a chance to be associated with something that people actually knew to be reputable and started the give the industry a bit more credibility and set the industry on the road to recovery and away from the cowboy image.

Self-certification has also been one of it’s biggest successes. The ability for installers to self-certify their work and to be easily able to demonstrate to customers through random checks from FENSA and the right certificates, they can trust the company to do the work correctly…in theory.

Another plus. Despite the economy going down the pan the last few years, unlike everything else, membership fees for FENSA have remained the same since the start, something which I think the whole industry appreciates. One thing I would mention though is that maybe a little more for our money could be shown in the future. Installers are just like every other customer in the world, we want to make sure we get value for money and maximum help and representation when we need it.

Nothing is perfect in this world, and I don’t think anything can be. But one thing I’m confident in is that Graham Hinett has sat at the head of one of the best things to happen to the industry. Some may not agree with that, some might agree. Either way, FENSA, through Mr Hinett’s guidance, has been helpful for our industry.

So I wish him well on his retirement. Go on a long holiday, maybe a round the world cruise and observe how crap other countries’ windows are compared to ours. More importantly, enjoy your time off and enjoy it!

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