A recent comment published on last night’s post has prompted me to write this post, mostly as a reminder to everyone that this is my site and will be run the way I want it to be run.

Part of the comment, left by someone called Andy, left last night stated: I appreciate the time, enthusiasm and commitment to this blog, if however you want to pick up the mantle of RCG, you need to raise your game. What’s this ‘pick up the mantle of RCG’ business? Let me say this once to you Andy, and any others that may think the same: DGB is it’s own site, it will be run in the best way I see fit, with posts which I feel people might find interesting, whether it’s promotional for my advertisers, my own thoughts and opinions on a particular subject or factual posts concerning any subject I choose to write about. I am certainly not looking to ‘pick up the mantle of RCG’ as this is my own project and was never in direct competition with RCG, although I was a regular reader.

I make it clear at the top of my site that the thoughts and opinions on this site are my own and I will speak my mind. This often means giving my opinions, points of view and observations of the industry around me. Not everyone will agree with everything I say and I don’t expect them too, this is good for debate and gets conversation going. But I want to be clear, I was never the protege of RCG. Never his understudy ready to take his place when he closed his site down. This is all my project, done my way.

A word to Andy. I’ve had this site 3 years now, writing the way I always have, and I think it’s fair to say the site has done well. Just look at the blog stats, more than doubles year on year in terms of page views. I have no interest in picking up the mantle of RCG as he run his site in his own way and wrote in his own style. Why would I want to try and do what he did when I can successfully run this site the way I am now?

After 3 years of running this site, I have been overwhelmed with the progress it has made. I started it has a hobby. Just a place to vent my anger at the things which I find annoying with the industry. But since being discovered, it has snowballed into something bigger than I could have ever appreciated. Now, I have more hunger than ever to make this site one of the biggest and best in the whole industry. It is comments left like the one last night which give me even more motivation to demonstrate that I can create and build something even more successful than RCG.

So, to be clear. DGB is not RCG, never has been, never will be. It will be run in the way I want it to be run, with posts which I think are interesting and what I hope my readers will find worth reading too. As far as I’m concerned there is no mantle to pick up as I am blazing my own trail.

Thanks for all your support so far and I hope it will continue in the future.