Lost Faith

In a new age of openness and honesty, there are still large swathes of our country and economy which are still run by the dishonest and incapable. We currently live in a country where the every week the banking system appears to be more corrupt and only serves to rip off the general public. To [...]

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Profits And Business Is Not Bad!

There seems to be a bit of a witch hunt at the minute against business and profits. It frustrates me to the core because those doing the hunting seemingly fail to realize the importance of businesses and their profits. Lets get one thing clear here. Business is good. Profit is very good. Profit is what [...]

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>Green Deal Doomed To Fail

>The Green Deal has been on shaky ground ever since the details of the deal have been researched and found to be inconsistent at best. However, the Government's latest set of figures could spell the end for a deal which has had so much lobbying, hours of debate in Parliament, and I'm sure many millions [...]

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>Construction Needs A Boost

>Construction levels haven't been this low since the 1980's. I wouldn't know this personally as I was born in 1988, so really wouldn't have taken this information in. But when you look at the graphs and numbers, it's easy to see that the recovery is as anemic as a pigment-less person.Construction is one of the most important sectors in [...]

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