Well, it looks like my post earlier on in the month about the glass cartel about to raise their prices is coming to fruition.

I have learned on the Twittersphere that Pilkington are due to raise their prices from 1st August 2012, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the rest will follow very shortly! To see the full price increase list click here: Pilkington Price Increase Letter, but for now, these are the known main glass types subject to the quite steep price increases:

Float glass: +30%

Optiwhite: +12%

K glass: +8%

It’s not too long since we had the last raft of increases. I would be very interested to know exactly what the reasons are for the rises. I certainly hope it isn’t fuel. Oil until now has been relatively stable with the price of a barrel of oil coming down significantly which has had a positive impact at the pumps. Do they blame running costs? Are their profit margins running thin?

Who knows?! I guess we’ll probably never get a straight answer. Question is, how many of us will be putting the prices up? Margins are already at an all time low. Time to pass this one on in full I think.