A couple of days ago I wrote about Crystal Home Improvements taking it upon themselves to attempt to start legal action against the Government over the Green Deal. Their aim is to stop the scheme being implemented until they are fully satisfied that SME’s will be well represented and won’t be forced out by the largest companies taking part.

Recently, they approached the GGF and ask for their support. The GGF declined, and for good reason. A statement released explains why:

The Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) has recently been approached by a GGF member to undertake legal action against the Government regarding Green Deal and the potential adverse impact this scheme could have on the replacement window and door industry.

After very careful consideration the GGF Officers, the Group Chief Executive and Deputy CEO of the Federation have decided that supporting legal action of this nature would be inappropriate for a trade federation such as the GGF.

The primary reason for this decision is due to the prospect any legal action would likely make the Federation subject to sub judice. This would mean that the GGF could not communicate with any Government departments and therefore be legally bound not to represent any of their members on any issue to Government.

This week, the GGF sent a letter by email to all it’s members which comprehensively explained the decision not to support legal action against the Government over Green Deal.

Nigel Rees, GGF Group Chief Executive commented: “Any legal action against the Government by the Federation would ruin our strong relationships with the relevant Government Departments that have been built up over many years. It’s the GGF’s responsibility to constantly engage with Government Ministers and represent our members on the many political and legislative issues affecting our industry.”

The GGF remains cautious on whether Green Deal will work for the replacement glazing industry, however the Federation will continue to work with Government and other relevant organisations to try to make Green Deal work for GGF members regardless of size, status or profile.

For me, this makes sense. The GGF is the only powerful organisation which has access to Government and which has the most tangible effect on them. Why risk that being thrown away over some last minute slap-dash attempt to put the scheme back more months? The best way forward to make sure the SME’s will get the best chance at the scheme will be to keep in contact with the decision makers. Fighting them won’t help. Yes there are still some fundamental issues with the Green Deal. But if the industry can get it to a point where we all think it can work well, then why not give it a go?