As many of you will know, there’s not much Safestyle UK do that I agree with. Their sales tactics are deplorable, after sales service isn’t up to much and when it comes to workmanship, again, not the best. But I think the one thing that most people are annoyed with is their series of extremely loud TV adverts.

However, Safestyle have been a little bit smart about this and have challenged others out there to make a better TV advert. Lets face it, it’s hard to make a decent TV advert about double glazing. The end result is either cheesy, tacky, cheap or a mix of all 3. It’s just not like selling luxury cars. So Jeff Brown, the shouty man from Safestyle has issued this challenge:

[youtube_video id=”L7_SX7EmRXk”]

He does have a point. We all complain about it, I know many customers certainly complain about it. So if we don’t like it, then maybe we should try and do something better.

Like I’ve said, there’s not much from Safestyle I agree with, but with this, I do. Clever.