As the industry gets to grips with new technological trends and the rising power of mobile devices, the importance of video content in our industry has grown, and will continue to do so. Most of us will know that it was MyTradeTV that was the first dedicated video content and media company set up to facilitate the production of video content. As the trail blazers, they showed the way that internet marketing needs to go. Now, more are joining the club, with Balls2 Marketing the latest to bring out a video service.

Dual video release

To announce the launch of their service, Balls2 released two videos on YouTube:

Video 1 explains the importance of keeping in touch with your customers and how video is a great way to do that. Video 2 goes into greater detail about the service itself, showing you the set, the equipment, and an example of the types of video that are going to be produced. Two pretty slick videos which demonstrate the service and point of it concisely.

What also caught my eye was the openness of the pricing from Balls2. If you go on to their website they openly show you their varying price points for this new video service. Basically the prices range from £99 to £149 depending on the graphics and images used. It’s very reasonable for what it is, though the videos do range between 1-2 minutes long, so they’re not long affairs by any means.

Future in video

The future of video is looking strong. Companies are starting to understand that to get a wider message across in a more engaging manner, video is a great way to do that. Video content is simple to consume, visually more eye catching than this medium you’re looking at right now, and the cost to produce decent quality video is coming down all the time. And it is that last point which is key. Just like any other technology, product or new service, whilst initially it is expensive, the more time that passes and the more that get on board with it, the cheaper it will become. This will then make video more accessible for many more businesses.