Video content is the way the online world is going right now. Thanks to mobile devices being everywhere, it is becoming easier year after year to consume video content. And lets face it, it’s a more entertaining way to get your message across than 500 words!

An excellent video from Cutting Edge Windows appeared on Wednesday evening. For those that are not aware, Cutting Edge Windows are based in Stoke On Trent and manufacture the Residence 9 timber alternative window. Debate has been high over the last 12 months about the merits of this new form of PVC product, and it has had it’s naysayers. But take a look at the video advert these guys have produced and see the message they’re putting across:

We all know how difficult it can be to make a slick, professional advert about double glazing, but I think these guys have produced one of the best adverts for windows in a very long time. This is my own personal opinion and some may say that I’m being a bit over excited. But take a look at what has just been produced. It acknowledged the traditional ways windows were made by joiners from timber – something the current crop of ads doesn’t do, and I think that adds a touch of class. There’s nothing cheesy about it, no gimmicks, no horrible punch lines, no jokes and no over the top special effects.

When you first watch the advert it does make you wonder what you are watching, and it keeps you watching. Then halfway through, the point of the ad makes itself clear and suddenly it’s perfectly obvious why we have been watching a joiner at work. At the same time, it in no way is derogatory to either the timber or PVC industry. However the advert does hint heavily that a PVC window can look and be produced just as well as a timber window.

Most of all, the advert is classy. Cutting Edge Windows have managed to stick on message without going off on a tangent, subtly getting across their message about timber alternative windows using the Residence 9 product. For that, they should be congratulated. They didn’t need to resort to shouting at you through your screen or using cheap gimmicks.