I hear this quite a lot on the phones here: “I don’t if you can help me, it’s only a small job”.

Quite often we get customers ringing up checking that we do small jobs, one door, one window, sealed units etc etc. We do. We get quite a lot of single item jobs and at good margins. Partly because our product is a bloody good one, but partly because the bigger companies have minimum order values and are clearly not interested in selling anything under £1500!

Great news for us! We just trip over those sorts of sales. Customers end of being rightly put off by the whole process of getting a high pressure salesman out from a big firm, that salesman then stupidly becoming annoyed because he thought he was coming out for a house full of windows but instead has to try and sell a front door for silly money. The customer then gets rightly annoyed because all they want is a new front door, not an angry man in a shirt trying to up-sell or charge £3000 for a door!

Minimum order values restrict the way a company can sell and in the end creates a lot of lost and wasted leads. Quite often half the jobs done in this industry are the small items. The front door that leaks or the window that has always been drafty. Why restrict yourself to the higher value jobs? The one window sale that you could be bothered with could spawn a house full of windows and doors next time round the customer thinks of getting work done.

Of course, we’ll be more than happy to sell to the customers the big boys have angered and take up those valuable sales they simply couldn’t be bothered with!