As small a part as it is, the letter box is probably one of the most important parts of the front door. Just about every front door in the country has one.It certainly makes life for our posties a lot easier. So getting the product right is vital.

A badly designed or a shabby looking letter box can draw your eye straight to it. A poorly built one breaks up easily and is left to look poor and drags down the overall image of the door. It has to work well, look good on the eye and last a reasonably long time. So, UAP has designed a letter box, or a letter plate (which ever you want to call it) which aims to tick all those boxes:

The All Aluminium Anti-Vandal™ Letterplates are 12” and will fit 40-80mm widths as standard and have been developed to perform well and look good for years to come.

Colours available:

Gold Anodised Flap & Frame

Silver Anodised Flap & Frame

Black Powder Coat Flap & Frame

White Powder Coat Flap & Frame

What makes them anti-vandal I hear you ask? Well…

Anti-Burglar – Blind bolts to the exterior prevent the outer frame being unscrewed from the door externally.

Anti-Vandal – Outwards facing brushes mean better draught proofing, easier posting and they prevent vandals placing unwanted items in the cavity.

Anti-Snap Flap – Internal water seal prevents water getting into the door or panel and ultra-flexible springs withstand thousands of openings without breaking.

Anti-Scratch Frame – Matt coated frame conceals scratches that may be caused by screwdrivers during installation.

The letter plate has been accredited the ‘Secure by Design’ standard by the Association of Chief Police Officers. The brush on this letter plate is also outward facing for two reasons. The first is so that vandals cannot put objects in the cavity of the letter plate, and the second is for better draft proofing.

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