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I have been asked by the Double Glazing Blogger to give you all a condensed update of my time with The Prince’s Foundation. I would firstly like to thank this great Blog for all their support to myself, my career and my own personal Blog also.
If you missed it, this is the initial post and introduction to myself and my Blog – https://www.doubleglazingblogger.com/2012/07/2328/
It has been a crazy couple of months! I never thought when I first applied for this apprenticeship I would be so inspired by the people involved, fellow students and everything comes with The Prince’s Foundation. I have defiantly changed my perspective on a lot of things within construction and the way I think in general. I can already say my passion for Heritage and Conservation has brought me to the decision that I would like to work within this sector for the rest of my time in the Building trade. It’s is so much more satisfactory going to work and restoring an old property to its former glory, and all the effort that goes into making this happen.
My first three weeks with the Foundation I attended the Summer School. I didn’t really know all the in’s and out’s of this before hand but what I did know it sounded great. I will say now – this was the best three weeks I have ever had. My fellow classmates of the summer school consisted of Architects, Planners and fellow craftsman from all over the world. This created such a great group! Over the weeks the group formed such a great bond we all got on really well, whether this was because we had the same kind of passions the same drive to succeed in life I don’t know. It might just be down to the great judging panel at the Foundation who individually chose us. As someone who has never really traveled the world is was great to get different perspectives on construction, the problems we face and the solutions for these from people that live thousands of mils away. It’s not every day you get this kind of opportunity!
My first week consisted of classes such as Life Drawing, Geometry, Simple Structures all at The Prince’s Foundation Drawing School in London, all of which I had never really done before but really enjoyed. I was a bit out of my comfort zone with some bit’s I think mostly this was because it was based in a classroom. As a Builder I’m used to being outside all day so being put in a classroom learning about things I really didn’t know about kind of took me off guard. All that being said the tutors were great, I learned a lot and I have nothing but respect for them. They made it easy to understand and most of all – enjoyable!
The second week myself and my classmates traveled to Scotland where we worked on a large estate in Ayrshire. Learning such traditional crafts such as – Dry Stone Walling, Thatching, Timber Framing and Wattle and Daub. I really enjoyed the second week, I was out of the classroom and learning new skills, once again all the tutors and everyone involved with the Foundation were great. I learned a lot in one week. We were also given the great opportunity of having tours around Edinburgh and Glasgow learning about the classical architecture. I don’t think I will ever look at a building in the same way now. I know so much more about how and why, about the little things that are sometimes taken for granted.
In the third week we stayed up in Scotland and took part in a ‘Design Week’ this was where myself and fellow classmates got split up into small groups and had the chance to design a Summer House that would eventually be built on the large estate we were working on. I once again really enjoyed this week, the group I was put it was great and we all bonded so much more. If I can ever suggest a great way to make friends and bond with people its to be put under pressure to design a building in a week! such a great experience.
I am now traveling around the country working on my Heritage Level 3 NVQ. This consists of going to different sites learning from master craftsman skills I need to work within the Heritage sector. I am currently In Stockbridge on my second placement and it is great! To be given the opportunity to work on such special buildings really is an honor and something I will not forget.
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