Last week we saw yet another quality Top 30 Most Influential list published by the Window Industries magazine, and here is the list, starting with number 30 and working it’s way down:

30: Alan Burgess, Masterframe
29: Charles Greensmith, GAP
28: Leon Day, Universal Arches
27: Gareth Mobley, Solidor
26: Graham Hinett, TGO
25: Chris Brunsdon, The Performance Window Group
24: Alan McInnes, Secured By Design
23: Andy Wallace, CCS
22: Andy Jones, Edgetech
20: Mike Lane, Schuco
19: Wolfgang Gorner, Rehau
18: Dave Barrett, A&B Glass
17: Tony Walsh, Freefoam
16: Dan Gill, Eclectic Systems
15: Mark Bristow, Guardian Glass
14: Matthew Glover, The FiT Show
13: Adrian Barraclough, Quickslide
12: Neil Ginger, Origin Doors
11: Andrew Wright, Distinction Doors
10: Martin Randall, Zoom
9: Dave Jones, Veka
8: Tony Pickup, DGCOS
7: Nick Dutton, Door Stop
6: Roger Harshorn, Liniar
5: Giles Wilson, BFRC
4: David Leng, Synseal
3: Peter Williamson, Everest
2: Derek Dragden, Saint Gobain
1: Jim Rawson, Epwin

As it is clear to see, this is obviously an accurate representation of the movers and shakers in our industry. Clearly a list of the people at the forefront of product design, marketing innovations, 21st century sales practises.

WRONG. This is a list of people who run a business well. Running a business well does not constitute as influential. If there was a list for businessman/woman of the year, then a lot of these candidates would be worthy of making such a list. However, a lot of these names on the list haven’t produced a game-changing product. Unlike Jeremy Clarkson, if one of these guys told us to do something or buy a certain type of product, not one of us would sit up and listen. In comparison, if Jeremy Clarkson told us to buy a certain car or avoid a certain car, then a lot of the motoring population would probably take that advice. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what influential is. That list above, bar a few names that do deserve a place there, is NOT influential. It’s a list of names at the head of their respective companies.

I think the time has come for a list that isn’t decided on votes from people within our industry. Lets face it, we’re a lazy industry when it comes to things like this so it always ends up with the same names and the same list year after year. In fact, I even had Paul Godwin from Vast PR talking to me asking me for suggestions that should be in the list! Needless to say non of the names I mentioned got in.

Lists like these should be compiled by a set of independent people. Not associated with PR companies or involved at the heads of large companies in the industry. But maybe a list of genuine workers in the industry who work with/sell the products, deal with the regulations and is fully embedded day in and day out in our industry.

What ever you think, as far as I’m concerned, the list is a total and utter waste of time. Not worth getting excited for.