The Fenestration Awards were announced last week by Double Glazing Blogger and So far we have been overwhelmed by the response in both positive comments and with both our websites seeing phenomenal traffic increase since their announcement.

The Fenestration Awards are a brand new initiative allowing people at all levels in our diverse industry to nominate and vote for who they believe deserves recognition in our industry.

Our slogan is “Voted for from Shop Floor to Board Room”. An opportunity for everyone to have a say and recognise fenestration companies large and small, local and national, systems companies, fabricators, installers, service industries and more. Whether you sell pvc, aluminium, steel, timber, hybrid or any type of fenestration product or service these are the awards for you.

The Fenestration Awards. Whether you are a fabricator, an fitter, a member of office staff, a surveyor, a manager or a director, these awards are unlike any other and will be open for everyone to participate in.

Already via social networking, support is coming in thick and fast from companies and individuals including well-known names such as Everest, Rehau, Ultraframe and Eurocell to name but a few.

This brand new awards scheme is still in the early stages of planning. Both Jason and I intend to keep you regularly updated though our own websites as well as the new website for the awards, new twitter account and emailed newsletters.

The brand new Fenestration Awards website will be live soon where you can register your interest and receive further weekly news.

Unlike before, this is everyone’s opportunity to have their say. It is our intention to make them successful, fair, representative of all industry sectors and of real value to participants, sponsors, winners and anyone involved.

The Fenestration Awards. Your awards. Your contribution is invaluable, so please have your say in the comment section below. We want to hear your views, opinions and suggestions.

We will listen to your feedback and act on it. Alternatively, if you would like to be involved with the Fenestration Awards 2013 in any way, please contact us via the links on the website or email

Here are just a handful of comments already received:

Steve Kemp – ATS says:
October 5, 2012 at 14:14

It’s great to see a new initiative on this. I think this is an excellent idea and one that will surely grow as over time. Looking forward to seeing it take shape

Anon – ATS says:
October 5, 2012 at 10:36

A really good idea. Hope the industry gets behind it and supports it

@ConwyValley: @glazingblogger @AlumTradeSupply Oh Yeah sounds GREAT – what do we have to do to apply?

@EverestHome: @glazingblogger @alumtradesupply sounds like a great idea to us! When will we know more?

@eurocellplc: @AlumTradeSupply @glazingblogger We welcome any initiative that recognises the good work being done in the industry.

@REHAUWindows: @glazingblogger @AlumTradeSupply Hope you will get a lot of support as it benefits all & great to see so many fab&installers on twitter now!