Well that title didn’t write smoothly! However, it is important as UAP have done two very important things very recently.

Firstly, the MAX6MUM SECURITY range has now been extended. The range was first launched in April this year at trade counters and independent DIY stores across the UK to much success. The range first included the UAP+ Zero Lift Cylinder and the UAP Cylinder Gauge and came in distinctive black and yellow packaging. Now, the MAX6MUM SECURITY range has been extended to include Anti-Vandal™ Letterplates, Extra Strong Sliding Door Chains, Extra Strong High Security Door Chains and Extra Strong Door Guards. With Halloween and Bonfire Night coming up, let’s face it, those Anti-Vandal™ Letterplates are going to come in handy! The outward facing bristles will stop the chavs and their fireworks!

Secondly, to help boost brand recognition around the MAX6MUM SECURITY retail range, UAP is rebranding to: MAX6MUM SECURITY from UAP Limited. With rebranding comes a revamp to the packaging, all door hardware and door security products will come in branded yellow and black trade packaging to complement the retail range. Security products will also have the option of blister/clam packaging for those who wish to stock them at trade counters etc.

To complement the launch of the MAX6MUM SECURITY retail range, UAP has also developed a new consumer orientated website dedicated to everything MAX6MUM: www.max6mum-security.com. The website provides FREE listings for all MAX6MUM SECURITY stockists and has a directory to point the consumer in the direction of their nearest supplier.

UAP have done very well to create an all-in-one brand and have rightly remembered that the business needs to be integrated as part of the brand, hence the rebranding. By rebranding, UAP are providing consistency throughout the rangeand are moving towarsd their aim of turning MAX6MUM SECURITY into a household name. With the original success of the launch in April, there should be no reason why the MAX6MUM SECURITY range shouldn’t do even better in the coming months.

For enquiries on the MAX6MUM SECURITY range or anything else UAP has to offer please contact the UAP Sales Department on Tel: 0161 796 7268 / Email: sales@uapcorporate.com or catch them on Twitter: @UAP_TRADELOCKS