Well it seems a response has prompted a response. The ‘energetic’ discussions about the state of the PVC door panel sector have continued as MD of Door-Stop International Nick Dutton has responded to a reply from Gareth Mobley (spelled correctly this time) which was prompted by Nick’s initial comments about the state of the sector and the demise of Door Panels Ltd. You can see my blog post which documents both comments here: https://www.doubleglazingblogger.com/2012/10/solidor-at-odds-with-door-stop/

Below is the latest comment from Mr Dutton:


My recent letter on the poor and declining health of the PVC panel door market seems to have touched a nerve of one panel door manufacturer’s. He says that Door Panels plc used an ‘inferior product’ and ‘dated materials’.

Moreover, I’m not the only one with this opinion: see this post from Double Glazing Blogger (www.doubleglazingblogger.com), an installer who fits both composites and panel doors:

“the whole of the year so far, I have sold just two door paneled doors. The rest have been composite and engineered PVC doors. We haven’t been pushing one type over another. We just haven’t had customers coming through the door asking for them … the simple fact is composite and engineered doors are better in quality, looks and customers are asking for them by name.”

Apparently this panel door manufacturers use a new super-duper skin technology for their panels. But 100 years ago when the makers of buggy whips brought out a better buggy whip, it didn’t stop people abandoning horses for cars. Installers are responding to consumer demand and choosing composite doors over door panels.

Yours sincerely

Nick Dutton
Managing Director
Door-Stop www.door-stop.co.uk

You can find the original document here on the Fenestration New website here: http://www.fenestration-news.com/news/newsItem.aspx?id=10847

No, I did not pay Nick to include me in that! Though I would like to reinforce my point that door panel sales have been flatter than the growth in the French economy. Again this is by choice of our customers and not through our over-selling over one particular product over another.

Our industry is going to have to face facts. The typical double glazing customer is far more knowledgeable about window and door products now. They know who manufacturers them, they know what they are called, they know what the many options available are now. The internet has meant that our market is much more open and customers will pick and choose what they think is best, and in this case, they’re choosing composite and engineered doors over paneled door. In our experience anyway.