We live in an ever efficient world. Journey times get shorter. Delivery times get quicker. Stock is wider and more available and there are less and less middle-men in the whole purchasing chain. This is why buying direct with companies like UAP can save time, money and effort.

UAP for a little while now have been pushing their excellent next day delivery service. Providing you order before 3pm, you can have whatever stocked products you order delivered to you the day after…assuming it’s a weekday of course! The range of next day delivery products is vast. There is a choice of 1500 products which can be bought online or order placed over the phone.


By dealing direct with UAP, you don’t have to rely on someone in the middle having to await delivery from them, to then have to wait to have your hardware delivered to you. If you’re a company which offers a quick turnaround on doors, this isn’t going to help your cause. Getting UAP’s products to you the day after will.

MD of UAP makes this comment: There are so many options for door furniture and locks that it’s not efficient for door manufacturers to keep large stocks. But they want a service that’s as seamless as if they held stock themselves. That’s why we offer a next day delivery on all products. “It makes it easier for customers. They know when they order from UAP they can get exactly what they want, when they want it. Customers can choose from over 1,500 products online at www.tradelocks.co.uk or just call us to place their order.

Price is also a big factor. For a middle man to stay in business they have to put their markup on products that they sell. That’s fine, it’s how they make money. But if you’re looking to keep costs down as low as possible, then dealing with a main hardware manufacturer direct like UAP means you avoid those markup costs and are able to shave the cost of the overall job down even further.

Whilst UAP are able to get your products to you the next day, their massive warehouse facility means that they are able to hold your stock for as long as you need to. So if you’ve got a big door order coming through, but you don’t need the hardware until a certain date in the future, they can hold that stock until you need it. I’ve seen the space they have and it makes for great stock holding facilities!

UAP’s contact details:


Email: sales@uapcorporate.com


Tel: 0161 7967268