Despite the positive sounds being chimed by the industry at the moment, times will still remain tough in some parts as is currently being demonstrated in Pembrokeshire, Wales as the fate of Cambrian Windows is in the balance.

The owners of the company have started a 90 day consultation period in which they will seek to try and save the business and the 120 people it employs. They have blamed the difficulties on the fact that since 2007, demand for new PVC windows has halved. Something I think we can all agree with as the buying public has sought to reign in spending while the worst of the recession hit the UK.

I think we are about to enter a very crucial phase of the economic recovery. Those that have positioned themselves well to take advantage of the upturn, those that cut their cloth as and when they had to, stand to do very well. However, those that are running fat businesses that needed trimming down during the recession that haven’t, will suddenly find that the adaptable businesses who did make the required changes, will make the most. So much so, that it will force others that are teetering on the edge will be pushed over into bankruptcy. Not a nice situation but this is business and the strongest and most agile companies will do the best and make the most cash. Simple as that.

I really do hope that in the next 90 days the bosses at Cambrian Windows find a way to keep the business and it’s employees in work. No one likes to see a company have to close it’s doors and make people redundant, especially when jobs are so hard to come by.

Any more new info on this will be posted here as and when I can get it. You can see a BBC news report on the story here: