I am glad to see one of our online bastions has been making waves again. This time in the form of a brand new online magazine flipboard. If you haven’t seen it yet, click this link to take yourself there: http://www.mytrade.tv/uploads/virtualmagazines/glazing/feb2013/#/0

Personally, I think there is now an online magazine which suits our industry correctly. There are other online e-zines but to me they don’t look anywhere near as polished or professional or ‘magazine’ looking as this one does. The other major new feature if the embedded media like videos and podcasts. According to MD Lee Clarke, these are proving very popular and have seen traffic to the MyTrade site increase massively since the publication of the magazine.

There’s also a pretty interesting article on page 26 that I think everyone needs to have a look at ;-)! The following extract is from MyTradeTV:


A big welcome from the team at MyTradeTV, we are delighted to launch yet another avenue “THE GLAZING VIRTUAL MAGAZINE” to showcase your information to YOUR industry. With a wealth of experience in trade magazines and directories and also online marketing and SEO we are now leading the way in providing news to the industry.

MyTrade.TV was established in May 2012 to fill what we saw as a gap in the market…trade publications are not utilising the power of the world wide web as much as they should be. Since print is becoming increasingly more expensive and devices to browse the web are becoming more and more ubiquitous, it makes sense to move online. It is not just consumers who are changing buying habits by moving online! it is now a very popular way to research products and regulations because of how quick and easy internet research has become.

We’re not saying that there is no longer a place with traditional print-based media but we are seeing a shift of at least a proportion of our clients’ marketing budgets moving to more cost-effective digital mediums. We’ll leave you with this thought – how can you show a video in a print-based magazine? How about a podcast? and more importantly.. how do you get a direct click to your website from a print advert?

The answer is you can’t and the solution is MyTrade.TV. Enjoy the first edition of our E-Magazine, visit our website at www.mytrade.tv frequentlyfor industry news, competitions and offers. send us your press releases, case studies, videos and podcasts to showcase and help us to grow your channels!

We hope you enjoy reading the magazine and browsing our site and if you have any feedback on what you would like to see on the website or mag please let us know

Please click here to view the NEW interactive magazine for Feb 2013

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