Consider this an open letter to Certass…

Dear Certass and those in charge,

Debate started last night and this morning as to why you’re not on Twitter when FENSA and other industry bodies are. You seem more than big enough to justify an account on the social media platform, have plenty of members, so why not?

If you’re struggling for reasons to join, let me explain a few:

Increased Online Presence

The whole world seems online now, and businesses have to have some form of presence online, whether it be a website, social media or both. A company the size of Certass needs to address every facet of the internet. It is especially important as Certass’ competitors are quite heavily present on the web.

Customer Relations

Twitter has been a great way for companies to keep in contact with their customers. Manufacturers are able to answer queries from their installer customers quickly and efficiently. Friendly ‘thanks’ from company to company keep everything friendly. You are able to address issues that are in the public domain more credibly. Your biggest competitor has quite a lot of customers on Twitter and they represent them well online. You guys should be doing the same!


The internet is a very vain place, and it’s all about perception. A company the size of Certass really does need to be on Twitter. If a lot of your customers are, then so should you. The last thing you want is your competition thinking you’re too long in the tooth for this sort of thing and building up an unbeatable presence!


We are a friendly bunch on twitter (well, most of us are!) and it is a breeding ground of creativity and discussion. It’s like a forum but much bigger and much better. It’s a great place to chew the cud, you never know what might come of it!


Twitter is also one of the best places to get your message, whatever it is, across. It’s quick, simple and the best way to contact all your customers in one go.

As you can see, many reasons and many more reasons than I’ve mentioned. It would be great for the industry overall to welcome some like yourselves to the fold! We hope you’ll see this and get involved!