The incarnation of DGB that you are seeing now, what you are reading from, is the second variation of DGB. A DGB 2.0 if you like. It was a massive step up for me, coming away from Google’s Blogspot format and coming over to the much more sophisticated and personalised WordPress platform. Since I did, I have never looked back.

Traffic has risen massively, I’ve been able to work in industry advertising, subscribers are on the steady rise and I have been able to start other projects thanks to these advantages. However, as with anything that grows, a new home needs to be built. And that is exactly what DGB is going to get.

Over the next few months, I will be working on making a fantastic new home for DGB. I don’t wish to say too much right now, as there are a lot of ideas going through my head and my original plan will probably change by the time I get to launch. However, this is what I can tell you; there will be a WHOLE new look for DGB. It will have a total revamp to make sure it is kept bang up to date. DGB won’t just be a blog. Don’t worry, the blog will still exist as the main body of the site. But there are going to be more dedicated elements to the site. DGB will become more than just a blog. It’s new home will make it a beacon for the industry. There will be special features, more advertising opportunities.

It’s going to be a much more comprehensive site with much, much more going on that what I have stated above and I cannot wait to get started! The only other thing I can say is that all should be revealed in August of this year. So, that gives me 6 months to build my new home. Well, online home anyways!

As always, I will keep you informed with my progress!