White windows are almost becoming a rarity in some parts! In 2012, I know I sold more black doors than I did white doors for the first time. It is testament to the fact that customers are now branching out and wanting to spend their money on something other than just plain old white.

John Fredericks have seen this rise in the demand for colour and have made sure they are best placed to take advantage of this rise. Down at their group head quarters in Sudbury in Suffolk, they have created their own specialist spraying facility. Their ‘spray shop’ is able to spray absolutely anything that they sell. Windows and doors obviously, but anything from the gaskets on the frames, trims, cills and any other ancillary product that needs it.

You have the choice of the product being either a plain finish, in which a white frame would be used with the colour sprayed on top, or the product could be wood grained, in which case a white  wood grain foiled frames would be used and the colour sprayed on top. I have seen the results of the sprayed products and the finish is very good indeed. If you were to put it next to a coloured foiled product, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

It’s not just the spray shop that puts them ahead, but also the wide range of coloured foils it stocks, such as Green, Chartwell Green, Black, Red, Blue and so on. It’s important to you as an installer that your supplier, which in this case may be John Fredericks, stocks all the major colours that are likely to be big sellers. The last thing you want to do is report to your customers that by picking a coloured product they are increasing the lead time on that product by a number of weeks.

So, a massive range of stock coloured foils, plus the dedicated spray shop, means John Fredericks is a fabricator armed and ready to hit the market with as much coloured windows and doors as is required! Something you as installers should be taking advantage of!

Whatever you need from your manufacturer, John Fredericks is there to help. If you’re in the market for a new fabricator or have been impressed with John Fredericks and their wider range of high quality PVCu products, call 01422 314100, email sales @johnfredericksplastics.com or catch them on Twitter:@jfplastics or @NewbuildsNo1