I don’t know about you, but Easter is more of a hinderence than a help. Just as we start to get into the full flow of the year, the Easter break brings fresh logistical problems to the whole system!

I think this year, more than any in the last few, we need continuous and relentless effort throughout the year to make sure our industry continues to function. It may sound a bit dramatic, but I honestly do believe we have taken a step backwards since the gradual progress we seemed to have made in the last 6 months of 2012. The economy took a dip towards Christmas, and a very long, cold, snowy winter I think has done quite a lot of damage.

I do believe that once the weather breaks, then we could see a mini-boom, with all those customers holding off until the sun and warmth returns. But as far as I’m concerned, the Easter break provides just another reason for people not to think about replacing their windows and doors.

Then there is the logistical problems within our industry. Orders and deliveries all go to pot. If surveys aren’t processed in time, because we lose a couple of manufacturing days, deliveries can be put back a week, something vital and something problematic if you’re a small business. Then you factor in the fewer fitting days in the week (unless you’re a reasonably large business), the fewer leads Easter inevitably generates and sales and so on.

Despite this, we will remain open all through Easter. Only Sunday will we be closed, but then again we always are on Sundays. We will be providing our customers the same opportunities as normal to either come see our showroom, or go see them at their home. We have to. Our whole industry has to. It’s still tough out there and I think we can do without Easter putting a spanner in the works. And lets face it, how many of us are that religious enough to take it seriously anyway?!