It has been announced that of the £125m available in cash back schemes to help tempt homeowners into taking on Green Deal work, a measly £205,000 has been claimed since January 28th across the whole of the UK! Now, bear in mind that prior to January 28th Green Deal installers could register properties for work from October, but just couldn’t carry out the work. So where is the rush of work as promised?

It simply hasn’t worked. The latest figures show that just 600-700 cash back claims had been made up to the end of February, and it is also not clear how many of those were successful. Also, 1803 Green Deal assessments had been carried out on homes and business. Unfortunately, most of these were funded by the Government, and not home owners.

This tellingly poor take up from home owners is a testament to the incredibly poor way the Government has gone about trying to educate the public about all things Green Deal. They left it up to industries which were suffering from the worst of the recession. I’m sorry, but when a Government tries to launch a flagship policy like this, the awareness campaign has to come from them, not us!

I know I said I wouldn’t write anything else about the Green Deal for a while, however, these figures are so poor in my opinion that they had to be analysed and summed up. So, there you have it, poor start, poor middle, poor end. Still no take up from the home owners, the Government is still carrying the scheme and other than this week, there has still bee so very little public awareness work.

More information on these latest figures can be found here:,1DM33,806D1S,4OA3G,1