I received a worrying comment earlier on, and I am in two minds as to leave it in the inbox or edit it and publish it.

The crux of the comment was that a customer was writing to complain that after re-arranging an appointment with a double glazing company due to the sales rep having a family engagement, the customer got given a torrent of abuse after ringing up said company to explain that they had already gone with someone else and they didn’t want to waste his time. Seems perfectly reasonable to me.

However, the person leaving the comment explained that the abuse he got was due to the fact that the sales person was forced to ‘get up’ on a Saturday morning and that his time as a sales rep had been wasted. Luckily, the commenter said that he gave that sales person a piece of his mind back.

This, however, unfortunately demonstrates that our industry still has some VERY bad eggs which we need to get rid of. Of course, it has to be said that the comment left could have been exaggerating the matter for effect, but given that he told me who the company and person was in question, I know this to be a pretty accurate representation of that business.

So, that business has now gained a non-customer who will only go on to say things about them. Not only losing one potential sale to that customer, but possibly dozens in the process as the ripple of this complaint spreads further. The point is this, we are here to service the customer and NOT the other way round. Without customers there simply would not be any business. So the last thing you want to be doing is telling a customer what a pain in the back side they are for making you get up on a Saturday morning and wasting your time! This is business and this is what happens from time to time. If you don’t like it, don’t book leads on a weekend, you only have yourself to blame!

I really do hope that the customer who left the comment does not believe that all double glazing companies are like this, as I can assure him that they are not. Unfortunately, as in any industry, you do come across those people and businesses who just simply should not be trading, for one reason or another. I hope that the company who he decided to go with does a great job and that they are pleased with their final result!

As for the comment, if you want to see it, I’ll have to edit it down, take the names of the person a company out first as I’ll probably have my knees capped if I don’t!