We all want high security, peace of mind and affordability. Well that’s what our customers want at least anyway. The 3 Stars ratings that come with the MAX6MUM SECURITY Range from UAP aim to fulfill those criteria perfectly.

It’s all about reaching that special 3 star goal: TS007 Kitemark. This particular Kitemark was developed with the GGF and Door and Hardware Federation to combat the more recent methods of sophisticated forced entry by burglars. Two heavyweights in their respective fields so you know the TS007 is credible.

There are three ways in which to reach 3 stars using the MAX6MUM SECURITY Range:

1. Use the new two star MAX6MUM SECURITY TS007 handle with a TS007 one star UAP Euro cylinder lock. The handle has been created with a special in-built cylinder guard to stop burglars being able to drill the cylinder and force it to snap. It is reinforced so again, the burglar isn’t able to snap the handle and get to the cylinder that way. The handle is actually easier to install than others thanks to it’s hidden fixings and helps prevent water penestration causing gradual damage. It’s cost effective and takes no extra time to put together!

2. Use the brand new Kinetica super cylinder. This patent pending design means that if the Kinetica cylinder is attacked, it remains secure. But I’m not going to tell you all how it works! That would be cheating! What I can tell you is that the Kinetica cylinder has been developed and designed with renowned lock expert Chris Belcher and that on its own, the Kinetica cylinder reaches three stars. Yeah, that’s how good it is! If it is attacked from the outside, the homeowners can still unlock the cylinder from the inside and get out. The Kinetica cylinder uses standard key blanks and is ideal for master suiting. It goes without saying that the Kinetica cylinder is anti-snap, anti-bump and anti-drill and comes with a solid drive bar.

3. Last but not least, the third way to three star security is a one star UAP Euro cylinder combined with a MAX6MUM SECURITY TS007 two star cylinder guard. Fitted inside the door the MAX6MUM SECURITY cylinder guard encases and protects the cylinder. It features a unique hardened steel anti-drill plate, a pointed anti-drill high tensile steel bolt and anti-axial rotational lugs. These protect the cylinder from attacks such as drilling, forced rotation and snapping.


MD of UAP David Jennings had this to add: “Homeowners want high levels of security for their homes without spending extra money. The MAX6MUM SECURITY range offers companies affordable options to give their customers TS007 three star security. We believe that Kinetica is the lowest cost three star cylinder on the market and the cost effective pricing of the MAX6MUM SECURITY range brings high security to the mass door market.”

Having multiple ways of reaching that 3 star standard is important, especially in our industry where hardware tends to vary all the time. You’re going to be able to see all this, as well as the rest of the MAX6MUM SECURITY Range at the FIT Show in April. Make sure you visit their stand and get involved with some table football too!

Door security has never been so vital and customers are acutely aware of this right now. Using the MAX6MUM SECURITY Range of products will help get that message of security across to the customer and will hopefully help sell plenty more doors!

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