It has been fantastic to see so many of the glazing industry joining Twitter in recent months. Every day I seem to be able to follow new accounts I hadn’t seen before. I’m hoping that this trend continues so that we can get the whole industry on board and create a really diverse, friendly and productive community on there. And bearing that it mind, Twitter should be well worked into to the business plan of any company.

Why? Because when the double glazing community is growing at this regular and sustained pace, it is becoming a big platform for potential new business but also a free and quick way to keep in contact with customers.

For example, if I was the MD of a big business in the glazing industry, I would want all high level management and the sales force to be active on Twitter. The reason I would want them on Twitter is that they would be able to have access to an ever growing customer base, and access to potential new customers. I would want them to keep in regular contact with all the company’s customers as it’s free, easy and an effective way to answer any questions of queries.

I’m not saying that Twitter should start to take over the face to face meetings that go on between the company and the client. These are still a vital B2B facet that shouldn’t be ignored. But due to the strong rise in activity from the double glazing community on Twitter, I think it would be a smart move to actively enforce Twitter as one of the main forms of communication with customers.

The proof that it works is already there. I see so many questions posted on Twitter, some by myself, asking suppliers for information. Those suppliers who know how important social media is answer back pretty quick. Solidor have been good at this. They have been very quick to answer questions from customers and make sure all relevant company information has been put out there.

The power of Twitter cannot be underestimated. The main driver of it’s far and deep reach is down to mobile devices. Most smartphones now come with Twitter as a pre-installed app, which encourages new phone users who aren’t already on the platform to join and give it ago.

As far as I’m concerned, all MD’s should be putting into place a proper plan of action when it comes to Twitter. Give all the sales force an account and get them using Twitter to touch base with new and existing customers. The same goes for all high level management and bosses. There is no reason why they can’t interact with their client base and help cement and improve those relationships!