A little while ago I put up a poll to find out if there would be any sort of tangible support from the industry for a campaign for 5% VAT for energy efficient windows and doors. So far, the results have been a bit surprising.

Out of 149 people who have voted, 102 have said that they don’t think 5% VAT would benefit the industry, 45 have said it would, and two have said they don’t know. Given the discussions I have had online and with others, I was expecting a resounding “Yes” vote from the majority of people.

The other question I asked was to find out if other people would get involved in a campaign with me, weirdly, those results don’t match those of the first question. Out of 77 votes, 37 said they would, 37 said they wouldn’t, 3 said they weren’t sure.

At the moment, given the state of the results, I don’t believe a campaign from me to try and get some momentum going is going to be a productive use of my time. If results were showing a little differently, then I might think otherwise. But that the minute, if the industry doesn’t think it will help, or if the industry isn’t going to back me in something like this, then I won’t spend my time on it. A promise I made right when I put those polls live.

If the results suddenly swing the other way, I may change my mind. But until that happens, no more mentions of lower VAT from me.