In 2013, I explored the idea of trying to add some energy to the 5% VAT rate for windows campaign. After exploring the idea online for a little bit, I thought it would be prudent for me to ask a couple of key questions to see whether it would be worth spending my time on something like this or not. Good job I asked! Here are the poll results:

Question 1: Do you believe that a 5% VAT rate for energy efficient windows will boost the industry?

Yes: 86

No: 155

Not sure: 3

Total votes: 244

Question 2: If you could support the 5% VAT Campaign in a simple, easy, but effective way, would you?

Yes: 52

No: 58

Not sure: 3

Total votes: 113

Given that there is already a campaign out there with plenty of backers, these results have surprised me and disappointed me a little bit. There are numerous calls for VAT to be lowered in general. There are endless studies out there which demonstrate that a cut in VAT would generate more than enough extra spending to outweigh the initial tax reductions, and boost consumer confidence too. So to see such negative results is baffling a little. However, you have spoken (so to speak) so I shall now leave this issue at this point. Unless an overwhelming groundswell of support for this issue rears it’s head again in the future, I won’t spend any more time on it.

I’m determined to write more positively in 2014 so I want to end this post on a lighter note…

I really do think 2014 will be a year when our industry can build well on the positive signs 2013 showed. I have been seeing lots of good news from companies over the holiday period and all being well all the good predictions will come to fruition. Lets just hope all these storms and awful flooding doesn’t cause us too many problems.

Also, just a word about the weather. You don’t need me to remind you all how rough it has been for a lot of us over the past few weeks. The UK has been severely battered by relentless storms and things are looking pretty dicey down in the south and west of the UK. If you have to go out during this weather, please be safe. And remember, we’re only selling windows and doors – yours and your staff’s safety come first. Don’t risk going to work if it’s too dangerous!