I’ve been threatening it for a while now, but my planned DGB revamp will be taking place very soon!

After a set back with the theme you all helped me to choose a month or so ago, I have now been able to spend a little more time narrowing down some new options as to how the new site is going to look. Luckily, I seem to be honing in or just one or two now that I will be deciding on in the next day or so. So once I have flipped a coin to decide, I’ll be set to go.

It’s not going to be a 5 minute job though. As anyone who has worked with websites will tell you, it takes quite a few hours of tinkering, changing, and sometimes ripping whole sections apart and starting again before you get your site looking and operating how you want it. So from around mid-morning this Saturday, DGB 3.0 will close while I build DGB 4.0. If you go on to the site during that down time, this is what you are going to see:

DGB Coming Soon

I’m hoping to get the whole site complete over the weekend, ready to launch on Monday morning. I know that this is a Bank Holiday, but it will bug me if there isn’t a live version of DGB for three days!

As that screen shot indicates, the new version of DGB will be looking to explore new but not unrelated topics to fenestration. I know it’s careers, but even I can get a bit bored of talking about windows and doors day in day out 52 weeks a year. So the new site will also cover new content subjects such as technology, business, video content and international events that are peaking people’s interests. The site will still be a dedicated fenestration site, but those extra content options will give readers just that hint of something different if they want to change it up occasionally.

One other new feature DGB 4.0 is going to have is a consumer section. I have noticed recently that more and more consumers, rather than industry people, have been either commenting on the site or emailing me in private to ask me questions or advice. So to answer this growing trend there is going to be a whole section dedicated to the consumer. It will be a place where consumers can educate themselves about our industry, as well as be a place to find answers to their questions. It will have hints, tips, advice, but will also be focused to working with us as an industry, rather than against it which seems to be the increasing trend.

In the long tmer, I want this site to become one of THE industry websites where both the industry and consumers can come to converse, read, ask questions or just generally keep a check on all things windows and doors.

If there is anything else new you would like to see on DGB 4.0, please let me know via the comments section below.