Value Doors UK Expand Into New Premises

The good times are certainly on their way back for our industry. There is a feel good factor on the rise as we all start to reap the rewards of cutting our cloth during the recession, to then be able to take advantage of the upturn in business as the economy starts to pick up. A great example of this turn-around is Value Doors UK, based in Leeds.

Value Doors UK have been celebrating their recent move to brand new premises to help them grow as a business.

The business itself has grown year on year since they were established, and their new premises are four times as large as their first digs, which is a great physical example of how the company has grown in just seven years.

Value Doors UK premises

Hopefully these new offices should provide enough space for another few years of growth at the very least!

A move like this demonstrates how well the business has been managed during one of the harshest trading conditions our industry has ever seen. Whilst many fenestration companies went to the wall, Value Doors UK have not only managed to survive, but to grow, and grow to the point where a new working space four times the size has been secure. Not many companies can boast such a positive run in difficult times.

Doors Mean Money

Not only does this office upgrade signify a well run and positive business, but it also demonstrates the strength of the entrance door market overall.

Entrance doors, especially front doors, have become an art form over the past few years. Composite doors have played a massive part in that, with their huge range of colours, glass options, timber aesthetics and great choice of modern or traditional hardware.

Value Doors UK is a business primarily focused on customer service as borne out by ranking number 1 on two separate, independent customer review sites of all national door companies, so it’s no surprise that they have done so well.

So, if you’re in the market for a new door supplier and would like to source them from a prospering business, this is the new address for Value Doors UK:

Value House,
Unit A, Confederation Park,
Low Fields Way,

LS12 6HQ

This article has been written on behalf of Value Doors UK. To find out more, please visit their website: or contact them on 0800 955 0898.