Over the last couple of weeks Insight Data’s Zach Ward has discussed the importance of data within marketing activities.  But how exactly do you manage all your data and more importantly, how do you manage all your sales and marketing activity effectively?

“Most companies have experimented with some sort of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. They are designed to help companies track leads and manage customer relations, and can help companies dramatically improve revenue, sales conversion and customer loyalty.”

So why do so few companies in the window industry run a successful CRM solution? There are four main reasons, explains Zach:

  • Most CRM systems are generic and need extensive configuration and tailoring
  • They are overly complicated to use with features only a few people understand
  • They can be expensive with high training/support costs
  • The data within the CRM goes out of date very quickly unless constantly updated

Zach discusses how Salestracker, the sales and marketing software from Insight Data, tackles head-on all of these problems.

“Salestracker is the first system in the world that combines a CRM platform with a prospect database updated live in real time. The system was developed specifically for our industry and is all online, so there is no software to install or maintain and users can be trained and up and running within an hour.”

Prospecting Tool

You can use Salestracker to build highly targeted marketing lists for direct mail, email marketing, telesales and field sales. There are over 60,000 contacts in Salestracker, with 50,000 verified email addresses, ranging from fabricators and installers to builders, architects, house-builders and main contractors. Users simply select the data that is most relevant to them.

But that’s only the start. The platform has a full lead management system that records leads, ranks them by priority, builds a sales pipeline and analyses sales conversion rates. It even reports on how long leads take to convert to customers.

When reps are working on lots of leads, it’s easy to let some slip through the net. But Salestracker’s built-in task system allows users to instantly set tasks, reminders and follow-ups.

Apart from the built-in reporting, the system also allows users to attach documents – perfect for call reports, quotes and correspondence, and these documents can be accessed by other users within the company working from home, office or on the go.

Trusted by over 700 window industry users

Salestracker really is the perfect tool to help companies manage all their prospecting, marketing and customer activity all in one place. It even has ‘Credit Profile’, an integrated credit reference tool that provides credit rating, financial data, and even details of any CCJ’s, so that companies can monitor their prospects and customers.

Salestracker now has over 700 users across the glazing and building industry, ranging from international systems companies to component suppliers and fabricators large and small.

For a free demo and trial of Salestracker, call Zach on 01934 808293 or visit http://www.insightdata.co.uk/insight-data-contact.htm