We all like to see a good door. Social media is full of them now. You only need to look at your Twitter timeline and it won’t be too long before you see someones’s new funky front door door. They have become an art form of late. And if you’re a homeowner, the change from a tatty old door to a brand new shiny PVC or composite door, can fill them with pride.

DGB residents Value Doors UK have been showing off some of their best door transformations on their Pinterest page. Click here to have a look at their full Pinterest pages. But below are just a few of the fantastic door transformations that show off some of Value Doors UK’s best work.

uPVC Door Installation

Take a look at this very tired looking old timber door:

Old wood door

It looks like it had been in a few years! Definitely time for a change. So, out with the old, and in with the clean, white and new…

New PVC door

Such a massive difference. From tatty brown to clean white. In this age of colour, white can still manage to transform the look of a house. This is the quote attached to the image on the Value Doors UK website: “Our happy customer following the fitting of his new front door. Steve in Nottingham has done a great job fitting this uPVC Jamaica Ice Cluster. What a difference a new door, fitted with care makes to your home.”

All being well that door will serve their homeowner well for many years to come. You can see more uPVC doors from Value Doors UK here.

Composite Door Installations

We all like a bit of colour don’t we. It’s what has transformed our industry over the past few years. One of the biggest sectors of growth has been the composite market. They have been responsible for the changing of many old PVC doors, including this one…

Old PVC door

This is how a lot of the UK sees PVC. But thanks to new product developments, the front of this home was transformed by installing this great new blue composite door…

New blue comp door

It looks totally different. The homeowner should be very pleased with the end results. That hallway should be a lot warmer, a lot more secure with their new composite door. Let’s have another then.

Here is a doorway which is in dire need of some TLC…

Old wood door and top light

Partly covered in plywood, cracked glass and very tired timber, this door has definitely seen better days. A Light Oak composite door later however…

Light Oak rock door

A traditional design with a contemporary hint, it looks a million times better than before. The top and side lights provide some extra light, and the old design in modern materials should provide the house with a stylish door for many years.

You can find more Value Doors UK composite doors right here.

It’s amazing how just one door can make such a visual difference. From tatty to brand spanking new, a new uPVC or composite front door can really lift the appearance of a home. It also proves useful if the homeowner is trying to sell their property too. You can see more of Value Doors UK’s work on their Pinterest board by clicking this link: http://www.pinterest.com/valuedoors/customer-before-and-after-photos/